Certification of Indonesia Scrum Master Level 2 (ISM2)

Ekipa’s ISM1 certification proves your knowledge of Scrum.


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What's Included

  • 0 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion


[This is for Certification Only]

In the next level ISM2 certification, you show experience + deeper knowledge of Agile. You must gain practical experience applying Agile ‘in real life’. Study can be done using the ISM2 courses of Ekipa:

To get your certification, you must show proof of experience as a scrum master in an organization & pass our 80 multiple choice online exam.

Intended Holders

  • Agile team members
  • Team leaders (Scrum Masters)
  • Others who want to learn the basics of Scrum


Entry Requirements

  • ISM1 certification
  • A minimum of 2 years hands-on experience


Pass Requirements

  • Certified as Indonesian Scrum Master level 2 (ISM2) by successfully collecting 100 points which can be obtained through:
    • Self-proof:
      • Employee letter of statement as a Scrum Master (SM) for more than 2 years and signed by the current superior (40 points); or
      • CV + link LinkedIn profile + reference call with manager to verify (40 points)
    • Pass 80 questions multiple choice online exam (20 points)
    • Organize sharing session in meetup or own organization; minimum 40 attendees (20 points)
    • Publish a 500+ words Agile book summary on a major news outlet or platform (20 points)
    • Attend training or watch all videos (20 points)



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