OKR Goal Settings Mastery Course

Achieve your ambitious goals with OKR. Increase the Alignment and Collaboration with the highly motivated team to achieve the goals. Find and measure what matters to make your business and li


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What's Included

  • 36:09 on-demand video
  • 10 Lectures
  • Access on tablet and phone
  • Certificate of completion


What you'll learn

  • You understand the history of OKR
  • You know exactly what’s OKR concept can help you both in professional and personal lives
  • You’ll be highly motivated to create ambitious goals with the data-driven metrics and actions to achieve the objective
  • You’ll practice how to write great OKR for personal goals, group OKR, and company-wide OKR
  • You know the best practices of OKR examples
  • You’ll understand how to align and collaborates with others using OKR
  • You’ll understand how to track and measure the progress of OKR
  • You know the roadmap to implement OKR
  • You know how to define initiatives to make your OKR work.
  • You know how to trickle down OKR
  • You can distinguish output vs outcome mindset
  • You familiarise with OKR Tools

Course Curriculum

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10 Lectures



  • Curiosity
  • Want to Get Out of Comfort Zone
  • Long-life learner


Do any of these sound familiar to you?

10-hour workday every day, but not getting anywhere.
Not knowing what to work on.
Teams working on meaningless tasks.
Disengaged and uninspired team members.
No sense of achievement.

If yes, it’s time to change your goal-setting management tool with OKR. 
Especially if you want to be agile, you need to structure the goal-setting to create alignment with the agile organization. OKR is the answer that fits to create alignment and motivate the team. 

Can OKR use beyond agile organization? Yes, of course. 
OKR helps you to find what matters for your organization and what kind of initiatives should be done to achieve the organization’s objective. 

This OKR Goal Settings Mastery will help you to master OKR and after that, you can implement OKR in your personal or professional lives. 



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Hugo Messer

Agile Entrepreneur
Hugo Messer has been building companies since a young age. He's always believed in the power of entrepreneurship. He's used his entrepreneurial power to build his own companies Bridge and Ekipa. Since he moved to Indonesia in 2016, he started helping Indonesian enterprises to foster the entrepreneurial 'spark'.

He believes the Agile movement is a major force to help Indonesian companies 'win'. Through the Agile practices, people change the way they work. Through the agile mindset, people change the way they think about work and life. Once people understand the spirit of agility, a company has the foundation for digital innovation.

Hugo's new adventure is Wright partners, a venture builder. Our goal is to help impact corporates build new ventures by becoming active co-entrepreneurs. We help design, build and scale the the venture within 6-12 months.

Hugo is currently living in Bali. After moving to Bali he thought he could enjoy 'holiday every day'. But doing nothing makes one sleepy, so he decided to grow Ekipa to help Indonesia become more agile and innovative.

- He has written 6 books about managing remote teams: http://bridge-global.com/ebooks
- His most recent book is 'guide to the distributed agile framework': https://www.amazon.com/Distributed-Agile-Framework-Hugo-Messer-ebook/dp/B07FJL7FJ8

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It's easy to understand, with specific example, clear vocal of trainer and additional text, the learning is become more fun and easy.