Angga Pratama

Agile Coach






About Me

An Agile Coach, Certified Scrum Master and Certified Kanban Coach with 15 years experience in banking technology and financial industries. Has lots of experience implementing medium to large sized of projects; very customer oriented; leading large team using a servant leadership style to remove impediments to make a high performance team. Expert at having good communication with all level of people in the organization.

He has gained experience by building cross-function teams when his time as Head of IT Integration, using Scrum framework and improving the maturity of the team by focusing on people & team coaching, facilitating and mentoring. Having worked in both technical and strategic side of software projects, Angga has developed ways to adapt himself from C levels and down to the working level.

As an corporate Agile Trainer, he works with lots of different people across the organization within the bank by delivering Agile training, and teach them for mindset changing . Angga is very focused on coaching people and facilitating them to improve their ability and becoming the best version of them selves.

With his passion and experience, now he’s on a mission to help organization in Indonesia to become agile and innovative.