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[ 2021 ] Meetup Video Recording

[Agile Circles Indonesia] Boarding Development Team into Scrum (8 Apr 2021)
[Agile Circles Indonesia] Being Agile with Data Reporting & Analytics (25 Mar 2021)
#EkipaEvent Immersing in The Real Agile Transformation with Scrum@Scale Framework (10 Mar 21)
[Agile Circles Indonesia] How to Develop an Agile Mindset: Doing Scrum The Professional Way (25 Feb 21)
[Agile Circles Indonesia] Think like a Product Owner: an Important Step in The Agile Journey (11 Feb 21)
[Ekipa Event] HR Goes Agile: Main Keys to Build an Agile Organization (21 Jan 21)
[Agile Circles Indonesia] Conversations about Agility Adoption (14 Jan 21)

How to Develop an Agile Mindset? Doing Scrum for The Professional Way

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